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Why Your Bespoke Adhesive Tape Didn’t Do the Job Right


If you’ve made the decision to work with adhesive tape suppliers, chances are it’s for a purpose of real importance. For obvious reasons, those in manufacturing settings tend to be more closely associated with custom adhesive manufacturers than others. Nevertheless, from marketing to medical to mass-production of all manner of good, custom adhesive products are changing the way the world looks at joining the majority of materials.

Unfortunately, there will always be certain instances where custom adhesive tapes for some reason do not perform as well as expected. Which can of course be both frustrating and problematic, given the importance of their role and the fact that you went to such lengths to procure them in the first place.  Turning back time isn’t an option, which in turn means that the only proactive approach is to ask – what went wrong?

In order to determine exactly why your custom adhesive product failed to live up to expectations, there are a series of questions you need to ask yourself.  After going over the following, you should at least be a few steps closer to working out what went wrong:

  1. First of all, is this the same tape you have used to carry out the same job before? If the answer is yes, what was different about the first time you used it compared to this time? You need to think about whether your chosen application method was any different, whether there were differences in atmospheric conditions at the time or perhaps whether there are discrepancies or inconsistencies with the adhesive tape itself.
  2. Alternatively, is this the first time you have attempted to tackle this particular job with this specific adhesive? If it is and the results have been dissatisfactory, there’s a good chance the adhesive product simply isn’t up to the job. Or if it is, you may not have used it in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.
  3. Did you ensure that at the time the adhesive tape was used, the surfaces were prepared appropriately? In most instances, ensuring that there is absolutely no trace of dust, dirt, grease or moisture is of critical importance when working with adhesive tapes. In addition, there will also be instances where adhesive tapes are designed to work specifically with smooth surfaces, or those that are slightly more uneven or rough. Again, this all comes down to reading the manufacturers guidelines carefully and fully.
  4. Did you keep your hands away from the surfaces you were looking to join? One of the most common mistakes when joining surfaces with custom adhesives is that of first preparing the surfaces appropriately, only to then contaminate them with the grease and grime on your hands. It’s all well and good to meticulously prepare the surfaces to be joined, but it doesn’t really help if you then go and spread grease and grime all over them once again.
  5. Did you pay attention to the temperature in the room, along with the temperatures of the surfaces to be joined? The unique properties of every custom adhesive will determine the temperatures at which it can and cannot do its job properly. This applies to both the ambient temperature and the temperature of the surfaces it is applied to. If you did not take these into account at the time you apply the adhesives, this could be the answer.
  6. Exactly how much thought did you give to storage, during the time the adhesive tape was not in use? Once again, exactly what represents the most appropriate storage conditions will be determined by the specifics of the adhesive in question. Nevertheless, all adhesive tapes must be stored appropriately, in order to avoid their adhesive properties being compromised. From excess moisture to extreme temperatures and so on, there are various storage issues that can make a real difference to the way such products perform.
  7. Last but not least, did you buy the product in the first place from a manufacturer with a solid reputation? The simple fact of the matter is that unless you are extremely demanding when it comes to quality standards in the first place, there is every chance you will be entirely let down by the products you receive. It’s important to remember that there are significant differences from one adhesive manufacturer to the next, when it comes to both quality and value for money. If the products have let you down, it could simply be that you made the wrong choice in terms of whom you decided to work with.




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