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Start-up tips no one will ever tell you

Do you want to start a business? Then you might want to know that’s not all fun and games. There are obstacles you are going to encounter, problems that you’ll need to solve quickly and opportunities that you might miss if you’re not attentive enough. Starting a business involves spending your time and resources into one single direction that may or may not be as successful as you think. Here are some tips that no one will tell you:


You will never have enough money to accomplish everything you desire. Once you start a business and make an initial investment, you’ll see that there are things you want to do but can’t do because of money. Starte AS can help you in this direction by offering you clear guidelines for starting a business with the right foot. Any business start-up will – of course – cost money, reason why you might want to save them a while before actually making the investment to avoid debt and credits.

There are different types of funding sources you can opt for. Besides personal savings that you need to deal with all by yourself (and this depends whether you have a well-paid job or not in the present), you can opt for personal credit cards, personal assets that are other than money savings, there are government guaranteed bank loans you can select. That’s exactly why you will want to learn more about starte enkeltmannsforetak. Each of these funding sources are starting points for your future business. Learn how to handle finances and everything should be just right.


You won’t be able to afford the very best team from the first moment you start a business. Co-founders are a great alternative if you are not good with specific skills and they can compensate for them, but finding founders and co-founders is no easy job and you might be amazed how many types of people you are going to meet through this search. You will want specialised team members that handle each task of your business instead of choosing just a few employees that are qualified in multiple domains. Think wisely when you are building your future business’ team.


Time is a resource you cannot ignore. Wasting time is the biggest enemy of successfully starting a business so make sure that you use automation. Time-consuming processes that can easily be handled with the help of technology should not be the centre of your attention or of your energy. You will want to conduct that energy to something that actually matters, to making changes and managing a business like you are supposed to.


You will never stop learning. There are plenty of concepts that you will need to use and you probably have absolutely no idea about them at the moment. You’ll have to become the product guy, the marketer and the manager all at once. Until you build your team, you have to handle all the tasks that starting a business involves. Be prepared for that.

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