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Production planning and control – challenges and benefits

You are confident that you are going to enjoy the entrepreneurial venture you sign up for and your optimism is at its peak. Even more, you planned everything, from the type of business you want to own and run to the location and the employees. You benefit from help in what concerns the management of your business and you think that you got everything figured out. However, your mission does not stop here because after accomplishing all these steps, you have to move on to the next stage, which consists in managing the line of production. The production process is more complex that you anticipated. First, you have to procure the necessary materials and then you need to allocate resources for producing the almost-finished product. The production line includes many activities that hold a certain importance in the process and that you cannot neglect. The workflow management requires, apart from concentration and hard work, a well thought and well-established plan.

What does production planning and control involves?

Methodology will help you put things in order. By methodology, we refer to Production Planning and Control or PPC. If you want to improve your production, you have to become familiar with the basics and aspects of Production Planning and Control. As an entrepreneur, you can initiate the produksjonsplanlegging     and control after you make several important decisions that, on one hand, include the product design and on the other hand, include the production processes and systems. Practically, the entire purpose is to increase the efficiency of production processes. Production planning involves multiple steps, namely planning, routing, scheduling and loading. The production control includes dispatching, follow-up, inspection and correction. During the planning phase, you also need to think about the workflow, resources, costs, time and effort. However, just thinking is not enough. You have to constantly check and monitor them in order to determine if you should many any improvements. If you cannot handle the situation, you have the possibility to join forces with a Business Intelligence leverandør and have the certainty that you will make the right decisions.

Analyzing each step of the production planning and control

Returning to the production planning and control steps that you need to follow, we will give you a better insight so that you fully understand them. Starting with routing, it consists in determining the exact route materials will follow while being on the production line. You have to plan not only their path, but also the entire operation by taking into account the machines usage and needed resources. This stage allows you to focus entirely on finding the most efficient and cost effective line of work while assuring quality management. Scheduling involves assessing the amount of time needed to complete each activity, followed by loading, where you have to assign the work for each employee. In what concerns production control, dispatching is the first stage and it refers to implementing the plans you established. You actually commence the operations. Follow-up practically consists in ensuring the smooth flow of the production line by handling potential inconveniences.  The inspection and correction allow you to make sure that your products meet the highest quality standards.

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