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Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment is considered discrimination, and it happens when a worker requests another one sexual favours, makes them unwelcome sexual advances and has a physical or verbal conduct of sexual nature. The fact is that sexual harassment is something quite common, around 60% of women and 15% of men experience at work, and they do not know how to deal with it. If you are running a company, then it is your role to inform your employees on your sexual harassment policy. They have to know where they have to stop with the actions and conversations they take. It is important you to offer them guidance on how they can prevent charges at workplace, because this will help both you and them guard from a lawsuit.

Examples of sexual harassment

There are numerous situations that can be interpreted as sexual harassment and your employees should be informed form the first day of work.

  • Unwanted gestures, jokes, comments that have sexual meaning and even offensive comments on outfits
  • Bodily contact like touching, grabbing around the waist, or kissing
  • Unwanted flirting and repeated requests for meetings
  • Watching pornography on their computers or smartphones, in open or private offices

How to prevent sexual harassment

It is important your employees to understand that if they do not behave according to the norms they can experience an accusation of sexual harassment San Diego.

Create your own sexual harassment policy

When you hire a new employee, you have to inform them on the policy you have for your company, and to offer them access to it. Your employees should know that you provide zero tolerance for this type of behaviour. If your staff is not willing to respect the policy, then they should not be part of your team, because it means that they do not have the same values as you do.

Promote consensual agreement forms for office romances

If you talk with your legal department, they will advise you to promote agreement forms for the couples who form at the office. This means that they will have to sign a contract that states that they entered their relationship willingly. These contracts do not protect only your company, but also the parties involved. The contract should state that the relationship is consensual, they are aware of the company’s harassment policy and in case the relationship will end, it will not affect their work.

You should set an example

There are times when during a team-building activity or during a lunch one person may tell an inappropriate joke. You should not laugh or encourage that joke, because people follow the example. You may be the type of person, who wants to have a good relationship with anyone, but you are their leader, and you have to maintain a professional relationship with them. There are times when you relate with a person’s sense of humour, but you should know that the office is not the place for inappropriate jokes. There are employees who find sexual jokes comical, but there are also employees who find them unpleasant, so it is advisable to avoid them.

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