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Marketing Ideas for an Appliance Store

Advertising your appliance store is not a difficult chore if you know how to use your marketing means and how to create interesting marketing plans that will attract customers. We thought it would be useful to help you, so we selected some marketing ideas to help you promote your appliance store.

Price discounts

Nothing attracts customers like a price discount so they can have their desired appliance at a lower cost. Once a customer purchases an appliance from your store at a lower price, they will come back to your store knowing that here they will find the best prices and the best promotions. Focus on appliances that are easily saleable all year round, like the refrigerator or coffee makers, but don’t forget about those that are seasonal or have a smaller popularity.


It’s very important to advertise the promotional prices so they will be very visible to the customers. Apply price stickers on the front window and use banners and signs to advertise the reduced prices and place them in front of the store to let customers know about your promotions. If your municipality allows you, you can place sandwich boards on the sidewalk in front of your store so you will invite customers to come into your store.


A low-cost marketing idea is to print fliers to advertise your appliance store so new customers will find out about you. Fliers are great at attracting the attention of new customers and reminding old customers about your store. The advantage of fliers is that they cost little and you can spread many of them either in mailboxes or on the streets. If you can, hire someone to walk the streets and pass out fliers to passers-by or to go from house to house and put fliers in the mailboxes.

Email newsletters

Besides fliers, the email can be another effective advertising method that will keep you in the attention of the target audience. Keep a record of your customers and their purchases and send them emails to notify them of your discounts and to offer them other deals. If, for example, a customer has purchased a dishwasher in your store, send them offers of other kitchen appliances that might come in hand or offer them maintenance services.

Promotional packages

If a customer comes to your store to buy a specific product, it’s always good to create attractive packages to offer them so they will end up buying more than one product. For customers looking for a specific item, show them related products that will help them equip their entire house. For example, if they are only looking for a washing machine, show them a matching dryer for their laundry room or if they need personal care items, offer them complete packages.

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