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How to start your own hair salon from scrap

Fact is hairdressing salons can be highly profitable. However, only if you follow some simple guidelines from the very beginning. Many people still go to a hairdressing salon, even if their financial status changes negatively. It all depends on the quality of your services and the care shown for your clients. If you are an aspiring hair salon owner and you don’t know where to start from, we have some guidelines for you in order to make a success out of your fresh business. Reasons why all hair salon managers should invest in smart applications such as MyCuts app and crucial things that should be included in a business plan, you can find them all in the following paragraphs.

Prepare an intelligent business plan

If you do it well, you will have all the answers to your questions right in front of you. The business plan acts like a guideline for your actions. Including your goals and vision, the investment capital you need, the equipment, the number of employees and their salaries, how much you expect to pay for the rent and other significant aspects that will allow you to function properly and make a profit shortly. For a clearer view on your salon’s activity and profit, make sure you summarize in the financial section projections of your financial statements for the next two to three years. Calculate well your potential expenses and expected income, so you’ll have a clearer idea in terms of profit.

Include in your business plan a well-developed marketing strategy

If you plan to open a hairdressing salon, you will need a great marketing strategy to maximize your chances on the local market. Many startups suffer for underdeveloped marketing strategies, and later they will face the unpleasant situation of having no clients. Make sure you collaborate with a professional team if you lack the knowledge, but make sure you will have a great strategy to implement.

Smart scheduling apps are a lifesaver

If you already begin to consider what things are essential for your salon, besides the obvious gear, maybe you should consider a scheduling app as well. How can this smart little product help you manage better your freshly opened salon? Oh, the peace of mind it gives… Let’s face it, operating with appointments is complicated, confusing and yes, done poorly it might bring you considerable loss. Make sure you invest in an app of this kind and scheduling becomes easier. You won’t experience overlapping, missed appointments, and this will give you an advantage from the very beginning: pleased clients, looking forward to their next appointment with you. The great thing about these apps is that they are smarter than this, having incorporated stock management options and alerts when you are running low on certain products. Also, they offer the possibility to note all your client’s preferences, from hairstyles and colors, to favorite topics to talk about. This is what we call flawless client services!

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