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How to Design a Fun Office Break Room

For a business to have success, it must have employees that devote themselves to it and give their best while they’re working. But for them to do this, you have to make sure that they are relaxed and that they are happy at work. To keep your employees satisfied, create a fun office break room in which they can unwind when they feel like they need to take a break. If you want to learn how to design the perfect office break room that will increase their productivity, read the following lines.

Create a relaxation corner

Those who have desk jobs need to relax and unwind once in a while. This is why you have to create a relaxation corner in the office break room for them.

For those who have problems with their backs, put massage chairs in the relaxation corner for them to receive relaxing massages whenever they feel tense. If you want your employees to get the ultimate massage experience that will surely make them more productive, buy the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair for this area. To buy this model you will have to spend $9000. It suits all body types. Therefore, all your employees will be able to use it. It has a luxurious design that makes it the perfect addition for the office break room. It offers a maximum incline level on 170 degrees. It features over 1000 possible massage combinations. Also, it comes with 8 pre-set massage sessions that they can choose from.

A great addition to the relaxation corner is to place yoga mats. Those who want to relieve stress can use the mats to practice yoga or to meditate in their breaks. They will have a clear mind after 20-30 minutes of yoga, and they will surely get back to work being a lot more productive and energized. If you can afford it, hire a yoga instructor that comes at certain hours to have short yoga sessions with them.

Don’t forget about the coffee machines

The most important piece of an office break room is the coffee maker. Everyone loves drinking coffee because it gives them a much-needed boost of energy that keeps them concentrated and helps them work better and faster. Place a couple of coffee makers in the office break room so there won’t be a line when people take their coffee break. Also, make sure to put tables with chairs in the room for the employees to have a place where to sit and relax while they’re enjoying their coffees.

Increase productivity with games

To have a truly fun office break room you must provide your employees with games that they can play while they’re on break to relax, unwind, and take their mind off of the problems that are pressuring them. The games will help increase the productivity of your employees considerably. Also, they will get a chance to bond and learn to work together even better. Some great games that you can add to the office break room are foosball, billiards, and darts.

Make sure that you add what the employees want

Finally, make sure that you provide the employees everything they want in this room. Do this by asking their personal opinion on what they would like to have in the office break room. Put a comment box that allows them to submit their ideas, and apply the most valuable suggestions that will make the room even better than before. The employees will surely appreciate that you pay attention to their needs and wishes, and they will do their best to give perfect results while working.

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