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How can freight companies overcome shipping challenges?

Freight forwarding is mainly about providing management over the flow of goods and materials between point A and point B. It is needless to say that this undertaking is not at all easy. On the contrary, global logistics are highly demanding and freight companies deal with a considerable number of issues. Not only are the routes more competitive, but it is necessary to coordinate with numerous carriers all around the world. It is obvious that shipping a package to another place in the world is a complicated affair. What shippers are not aware is the fact that there is a way to overcome challenges. By becoming member of a cargo alliance, you will be able to respond quickly to customer’s needs. In this article, we will give more details about the challenges you can overcome with the help of a freight network.

Lack of supply chain visibility

One of the issues that logistics executives are required to deal with is the lack of visibility. The global trade trends have significantly changed and emerging economies demand more than simple transportation. To be more precise, customers expect precise information concerning inbound shipments. Improved visibility can be achieved with more transparent data and, of course, complex operation procedures. If you are not able to improve in visibility, it is recommended to join a freight network. Supply chain networks get together all partners and control the entire process. The great thing is that they provide tools as well, which means that you will not have to rely on manual processes to track down the cargo. You actually have access to cargo tracking tools that offer real-time information.

Understanding international regulations

When you enter new markets, you have to pay close attention to the regulations specific to each country. Being involved with an alliance is not only beneficial for increasing visibility, but also for handling legal issues. When you have connections in different locations, namely in other geographies, you have a better understanding of how business processes go. Therefore, you will know if you can export products to a certain area, what the specific rules of the foreign country are and, last but not least, what documentation you need to prepare. In other words, you have a system of reliable partners to rely on when you need help.

Transport infrastructure shortfall

They lack of infrastructure is not something your company should neglect. The biggest investment you have to make is in transportation infrastructure. Countless of vessels around the world are already serving important routes, which means that there is no more room left for newcomers. However, by becoming part of an alliance, you are granted access to profitable trade lanes. Until new trade lanes are completed, you are better off teaming up with existing niche players. You will not have to deal with disputes, at least not at the present moment.

Clearly, being in charge of a freight company is a complicated job, but joining a freight network can make things easy for you. Your enterprise cannot afford to not adopt this strategy.

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