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Getting political: should your business be involved in politics?

Getting a good night’s sleep and eliminating distractions is mandatory for business owners who want to maintain their focus on increasing efficiency, seizing opportunities and sustaining real momentum. Stereotyped thinking caused by sleep deprivation and the exhaustion of jumping quickly from one task to another can impede business owners from achieving their main objectives on a professional level. Of course, it goes without saying that besides of having the ability to get involved in different departments within the company, any entrepreneur needs to be passionate, resilient, goal-oriented, budget-minded, driven and confident yet humble. Getting out of the office and interacting with other people is necessary for growing, learning and understanding as well. Whether we are talking about grabbing a coffee with a business partner or attending a conference, as a business owner, you have to mingle with prospects. However, the next question inevitably arises: how far can you go when leaving the office?  Should you, for instance, get involved in political affairs? Can such a decision benefit or harm your business?

Your participation in politics will affect your business

Well, nobody says that business owners are not capable of making political decisions. If somebody told you the contrary, then you should follow the progress of the president Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor in order to determine if you would make a great politician. However, you have to be aware of the fact that some people might not be able to make a clear distinction between you as an individual and your business and this might affect your professional career. Thus, when deciding if you should participate in politics, you should think about the perquisites enjoyed by your company but also about the drawbacks that come with such an important decision. One thing is for sure: all companies require governmental approval and support when it comes to selling products and services. Furthermore, businesses become active in the political setting for various reasons, whether competitive or economic, not to mention that it is their right to engage in the political process. The law does not prohibit them to get political; only the business owner can make such a decision.

Do you know how to handle political matters?

Of course, sometimes getting involved in political matters can prove to be problematic for the smooth evolution of a business. Yes, like shown on

Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor managed to receive the admiration of others by expressing his opinion firmly about the political issues occurring in the world, but it does not mean that it will happen the same to every single entrepreneur or business owner intending to partake in political participation. Furthermore, some people believe that managers do not possess the required set of skills and knowledge to interpret laws and engage in decision-making processes that can affect an entire country. Another issue that business owners must consider before making a decision refers to credibility. The truth is that business owners can choose to disclose or not disclose political contributions and the public is left understanding what he wants.


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