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Experiential marketing in family business promotional campaigns

Owning a small family business and shouldering the responsibility of keeping it going on the highly competitive market of today is a challenge. You have your faithful customers that have been using your products for years and need not know anything more about its quality, but what about the competition hiring a promotional staffing agency and investing money on promotional campaigns and stealing our potential customers? The importance of promotion is undeniable especially when it comes to small family businesses that do not have a brand they could use to be immediately recognizable on the stands in the store. Without the exhibition staff I hired to promote my business I am not sure whether my company would have survived on the market until now. When it comes to promoting my business, the main obstacle is of course the lack of money. I have a limited budget and that shows, unless I use a smart promotional campaign idea and that usually involves experiential campaigning. I own a jam and marmalade small factory started by my great grandfather and it has always been successful, because people could trust our quality, not to mention that we have a unique secret recipe passed down generations that makes jam simply delicious.

However, sales started to go down a couple of years back and they plummeted after a large supermarket opened in town, because we could not put our jam on its shelves and people started making all their shopping there. After three months of selling no more than a dozen jars of jam and even less marmalade I decided that it was high time I took action. I hired the services of a promotions agency and organized an exhibition to promote my traditional jam in the hope that people will understand that my jam was worth an additional trip. The agency found me the best exhibition staff I could have asked for. They took it upon themselves in wearing traditional clothes to emphasis the fact that we are a family owned business with tradition and made up interesting slogans and fun games to involve children. I was very happy with both the results and the costs of the campaign. You would be surprised how big the impact of such a promotional campaign can be considering the fact that you would only pay a fraction of the costs of a commercial for example.


They also organized a flash mob and involved the whole community in the march. After seeing the results of this type of promotion strategy, I started to do them a lot more often and even organized sampling campaigns. I had confidence in the taste of my jam, so that was a smart move indeed. The idea was not mine, one of the girls that participated in the flash mob suggested it, because she tasted it and felt that it was good enough to convince anyone buy it. Indeed, experience can speak for itself, because I could not even think about it even though it was such a simple solution. All in all, the best way to promote a family business that operates on a local market is to use experiential marketing.

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