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Essential principles for successful drawing

When in the deep drawing domain you have to be sure that you provide the best items from the market if you want to be sure that you will be customers’ first choice. So, the first thing you have to do is to invest in quality equipment, because the tools are the ones that influence the way the products will look. Also, you have to understand that successful deep drawing depends on multiple factors as deep drawing stampings, and you should not ignore any ones of them, because without them the process will prove to be disastrous. If you want to become a professional in this domain, you should follow the examples of great brands. And in case you consider that you cannot be as good as they are, you should consider the option of being a middle man, and selling the goods manufactured by a professional.

The material used is important

As with any other product manufacturing everything starts with the material you are using to create the item. So the first factor that will influence the success of the process is the material you use to create the items. It is widely known that thicker materials are stiffer, so during the deep drawing process they will hold better together. Also, they have more volume so there will be a difference between them and the others, when it comes to stretching on longer distances.

The lubricants and finishes used

So, if you want to be sure that you will have no issues in creating the items you want, you should talk with a specialist provider to see what lubricants and finishes they recommend you to use, because they have an important role in the reduction of the coefficient of friction. Also, they will allow materials slide through equipment easier. But keep in mind that die temperatures will influence the viscosity of the lubricants you use.

Other important factors

If you want to create round items, then you should know that the accuracy, size and surface finish of the material are important in the process. In case you will use a small die entry radius, the material you use will not flow as you will want, and it might fracture. In case the die radius is too large you will notice that the material begins to wrinkle, and it will create a pinch point between the binder and the draw ring surface. In case wrinkling is severe, when the material is pulled, it will restrict the flow. When it comes to square draws, you will notice that they are similar to the round ones because they include four 90 degree profile radii. Because they feature corner profiles, the materials from their corners will be forced into compression. On what it regards the straight sections of the cornet they will be unbent and bent. When you want to manufacture square shells you should use the minimum blank size to make the items. Also, to control metal flow you should use standoffs and not binder pressure. Check these recommendations and you will have a successful deep drawing company.

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