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Does your company need a full-time security guard?

While security might not have seemed like a relevant aspect for your business in the past, once your company develops and you move into a bigger office building, this is something that you may start to think about. Because hiring a full-time guard does come with certain expense, you should address the topic properly and conclude whether it’s actually worth the investment or not. A few details will help you understand the importance of the matter and why so many corporations have started to implement an upgrade in the security department. Here’s when you have to give this possibility more of your thought:

Having your business building located in a high crime area

The first aspect that triggers an interest in corporate security is having your office premises located in an unsafe neighbourhood. If for one reason or another, you have rented a space in an area with high crime rates, you may be presented with occurrences that could put the safety of your staff at risk. With someone at the door, always on the lookout, you will deal with fewer worries. Security guard hire Melbourne can come in handy when you least expect it.


From observing your employees and noticing any issues regarding their behaviour on company grounds to making sure restricted building areas aren’t accessed by unauthorized personnel, a guard can stay on top of all monitoring responsibilities your business might currently have. It’s easier to maintain things running smoothly within the company if you have an actual professional help you with the matter.

Employee termination

In the unpleasant event of having to fire an employee for illegal activities, for example, you may be subjected to liability problems if you aren’t working with a professional on the matter. When staff termination becomes a necessity, having a guard to handle their evacuation by the book and also perhaps testify in court if the case demands it can be of great help. You can click here to read more about security in the corporate world and its link to potential liability concerns.

Help in emergency situations

While your business might not be targeted by constant threats, such as theft, emergency situations can often arise, which might be difficult to control by your employees. A potential physical altercation on the premises, or a criminal accident can disrupt the regular affairs of your business and trigger further complications. With a guard always present, you will feel safe knowing such a case can be handled professionally and thus the negative effect can be reduced.

As you can clearly see, you have some strong reasons to hire a full-time guard for your business’ office building. If you want to maintain security in check, and avoid certain unpleasant occurrences that might have happened in the past, this is the right way to do so. However, make sure you outsource your security services from a company that is characterized by reliability. Do your research on the web, discover what your options are and choose a reputable and trustworthy firm.

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