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Critical decision making: outsourced vs in-house marketing for startups

Competition, a fast-paced market and rapid growth represent the most difficult to overcome challenges faced by startups. With the advancements in technology and the fierceness displayed by competitors, the only solution for companies struggling to achieve growth is to bring something unexpected to the table. However, the main question is: how do they plan to cope with rapid growth? Between managing cash flow and employees, defining the culture of the company and adapting to constant change, startups need to focus on marketing as well because after all, an effective marketing plan captivates the attention of consumers thus helping new companies build a customer base and enjoy big profits. A startup usually does not benefit from a generous budget, which means that engaging in a decision-making process becomes critical for identifying and choosing the right marketing method or methods for moving the business forward. Everyone knows the main options available, which refer to old-fashioned or traditional marketing and modern or digital marketing. However, what should a startup choose between in-house and outsources marketing?

Outsourced marketing: pros and cons

The reality is that both demand a significant financial investment, but the goal for startups is to identify the one that brings the best results at the most convenient price. What would happen if you joined forces with a San Diego digital marketing agency? Well, most view this option suitable for companies who struggle with finances meaning that they simply cannot afford an in-house team. Indeed, outsourced marketing can prove to be incredibly beneficial since it comes with flexibility, an admirable set of skills, great value and an objective perspective or viewpoint, not t mention about the ability to focus on your own obligations and responsibilities as a business owner. The team behind the agency is up to date with the latest marketing tips and trends, which represents a huge bonus for the startup, which generally encounters difficulties when it comes to staying on top of everything new and seizing market opportunities. The main disadvantages of working with a marketing agency refer to the lack of immediate access, since the outsourced marketers work from another location and the understanding of the company’s culture or vision.

In-house marketing: pros and cons

Moving on to in-house marketing, the truth is that since employees spend every single day working for the company, they have a bigger interest to see it grow because it benefits them as well, financially speaking. Therefore, they might work twice harder to achieve the marketing goals established from the very beginning. Even more, an employee can also be useful for completing non-marketing tasks. However, does an employee has the necessary expertise to create the ultimate marketing plan, bring something new to the table, attract new customers and leave the competition in the dust? Probably not, if you compare his knowledge with the one of an expert working within a marketing agency. Your in-house team may know the industry but not the best marketing strategies available. Therefore, analyzing carefully the pros and cons is essential for making the right decision.

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