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Billion-dollar companies that started their journey in a garage

You probably think that the biggest companies in the world were created in luxurious offices by people who wore perfect suits. Well, that’s a totally wrong image. Some billion-dollar companies that are world-wide known today such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and others were created in garages. Yes – you read that right. Simple garages were the starting points of the most important, influential and richest people in the world. It might sound crazy, but that’s how brilliant ideas are born.

Putting in hard work and having exquisite talent are the only things that fueled these companies. The amazing people behind the brands were not afraid to put their ideas into practice. This should inspire you to set up your garage as your future workplace and put your own idea into practice as well. You don’t own a garage? Don’t worry – you can always look for self storage Gulfport and find yourself a quiet place to work in. You don’t need fancy offices to start a profitable business. You only need motivation and one good idea. These stories should inspire you:

How Google started?

Everyone heard about Google at least once in their lives. The search engine was founded by a team in a simple garage. Two Stanford graduates decided to rent the garage of a friend because they didn’t have one available. Susan Wojcicki was the one who rented the garage to Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Once they had the garage rented, they started working almost 24/7 in order to develop what people know today as Google. It took a lot of work and motivation, but they didn’t back down when they faced challenges. And that’s how the world’s biggest search engine was developed.

How Apple started?

Apple is a huge company that is worth billions. It actually reached 1 trillion recently. This company was started in a garage as well. Three people gathered together in a garage to develop a computer. The garage was Steve Jobs’ and he spent many hours with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne for this task. Once they developed the computer, they sold their creation for a small amount of money and carried out with launching their second computer. They soon started to earn millions of dollars based on their Macintosh products. Today, the company produces all sorts of devices, from phones to tablets and accessories.

How Microsoft started?

Microsoft has a similar story with the ones that were already presented here. The Microsoft brand is known by all desktop users in the world. The garage in which Microsoft was created gathered together two brilliant minds: Bill Gates (one of the richest people in the world) and Paul Allen. The small software collaboration soon became extremely famous. They launched an operating system that was worth thousands of dollars. Microsoft maintains its position today as well, having their operation system being used by most population on the globe.

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