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Best Business Ideas with No Startup Cost

When thinking about starting a business, people assume they will need a lot of money to invest and that their startup costs will reach huge amounts, which is why they get discouraged and give up. To help you develop professionally, we offer you some great business ideas that require no startup cost so you will manage to put your ideas to practice even if you don’t have any resource.

Errands runner

In your spare time or as a weekend job, you can run errands for people who can hardly move or don’t have enough time to take care of their own errands. From groceries to paying bills to taking the laundry to the dry-cleaning, there are many chores that some people can’t perform and that can become your next no-cost business.

Social media consultant

While larger firms have their own social media marketing team, smaller businesses might need the services of a cheaper social media consultant and that could be you. You can help smaller entrepreneurs take care of their Facebook or Twitter account and help them find the best online marketing strategies, posting schedules and the best content that will attract more customers. For this business idea, all you will need are your skills and a good computer.


If you are good at foreign languages and you have the necessary acquaintances to offer translating services, you can either translate on your own or create a partnership with a firm that requires your help. You can translate legal documents, car papers, university thesis, and any other thing clients might need. Some firms might ask you to bring a translator diploma but others will only put you to a test so you can prove your translating skills

Sales consultant

Although it seems more like a hobby than a job or a business, being a sales consultant can bring you many incomes without you having to invest any money. You can try with a cosmetic company, an appliances company, or any other type of company that requires having sales consultants that will cash a percentage from the sales.

Arts lessons

Whether it’s music what you are good at, or painting or dancing, there are many talents you can easily turn into a business without needing to invest money in it. If you are gifted into one of these domains or if it’s something else you are good at and you want to share it with others, you can start a business where you will teach people your talent and make them more talented as well.

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