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5 Things to Know About Managing a Restaurant

Starting a business in the hospitality industry can be very satisfying, but at the same time stressful. Statistics show that only one in 4 newly opened restaurants resist on the market in the first year. This a clear sign that not all of them have the attributes and characteristics to succeed, but that is nothing to worry about if you plan in advance and respect all the regulations when it comes to quality of the products, legislation and customer service. It is very important to know how to manage all the finances, what to invest in, when and how to grow it and how to improve the overall abilities of the staff members.

Great products and customer service

If you have a restaurant where the employees do not care or are not properly trained and so the food is not very good and the customer service does not rise to the expectations, it will fail to stay on the market. You will slowly loose the clients and will find yourself in the unpleasant situation to be forced to close, even though you put a lot of effort and passion into it. Good food is the most important aspect in having a successful restaurant and you can only have that if the cooking steps are followed professionally. For example, if you have a fish based menu, it’s mandatory o include salmon and it’s important that your chef and his team know how to do laksefiletering.

Well trained personnel

The success in a restaurant relies equally on the quality and taste of the products and on the great abilities of the staff. When you first open, you need to consider hiring people with experience and offering high standard training to the ones that do not have it (because you will probably need to hire some unexperienced people as well). They need to know how to be efficient in the kitchen like how to adjust the skjærelinjer how to be fast and save time on preparation, how to work in teams and they need to know how to serve and wait on tables.

Performant equipment

Besides hiring a good professional team, it is important that you also invest in performant appliances fit for the business scale you have. Your restaurant needs good equipment like a performant trimmerobot, great freezing rooms and efficient cookers, stoves and grills because the quality of products cannot be maintained without them. In addition, you need to use high quality raw materials, so your customers will be pleased with the taste of the food and they won’t get sick.


The most important part in every business in general is the financial issue. Even if you have great products, great customer service and nice employers, neglecting the financial planning part of your restaurant might turn it into a dead-end.  It is essential to know when and where to invest and how much capital to grant, because most restaurants fail because of it.


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